Orthopedic Conditions

Club foot

Facts About Club foot

Club foot is a condition where one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) of an infant's feet are rotated inward, often giving the impression of being upside dow. The deformed foot may be smaller than normal, and the affected leg may be weaker and smaller than the unaffected leg. This condition occurs more frequently in boys.

Club foot does not affect other aspects of the child's development and children are usually of normal intelligence.

Club foot Challenges

  • When left uncorrected, club foot can be crippling and painful. Adoptive families change the future and lives of these children.
  • Some additional therapy/surgery may be needed as the child grows, although many children do not need this.

Club foot Treatment

  • Surgery and/or casting can correct the condition. Children with club foot sometimes use braces or special splints in conjunction with physical therapy to straighten and strengthen their affected feet. These braces may be worn at night until the child is four years of age to prevent a relapse. Once they reach the completed stage of correction, children can run and play normally and can wear regular shoes.