Orthopedic Conditions

Funnel Chest / Pigeon Breast

Facts About Funnel Chest / Pigeon Breast

Funnel chest is a term that describes a breastbone with a deep depression that may compress the heart or lungs. It may stem from rickets or a genetic defect, but the exact cause is unknown.

There are many families that have adopted a child with Funnel Chest,Osteogenesis ImperfectaRickets, or other orthopedic differences.  Please use our website to read family adoption storiesview children waiting to be adopted, and learn more about this and other medical conditions experienced by children living in institutions and orphanages.

Funnel Chest / Pigeon Breast Challenges

  • Pigeon breast is a deformity that pushes the breastbone and rib cage forward, creating a barrel-like appearance. It occurs more often in boys than girls and may not be noticeable until a child grows older.

Funnel Chest / Pigeon Breast Treatment

  • Both of these conditions can occur in conjunction with scoliosis, heart problems, or respiratory difficulties. These conditions require regular evaluation as the child grows so that x-rays can chart the progress of the malformation and detect any problems with internal organs. Children may have difficulty running and playing due to shortness of breath and pain.
  • External bracing and surgery are possible treatments for funnel chest and pigeon breast.
  • Either condition can be mild or severe and can affect the child's self-image. By wearing a shirt while swimming and avoiding close-fitting tops, a child will feel more at ease with funnel chest or pigeon breast.


Funnel Chest / Pigeon Breast