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Congenital Blue Nevus

Facts About Congenital Blue Nevus

A congenital blue nevus is one type of birthmark. It is not known what causes birthmarks, and treatment is usually not required unless the mark is on the face. Blue nevi are blue in color because they are positioned deep within the skin, and appear to be a ?bruise?. They can range in appearance from flat to slightly raised, and they are usually small in size. Some nevi will fade as the child ages, but most will remain unchanged throughout a lifetime. The presence of multiple birthmarks warrants evaluation by a physician.

Congenital Blue Nevus Treatment

  • If a child has multiple blue nevi that are rubber-like in texture, it is important that a doctor investigate for signs of a serious medical condition. If a birthmark changes in shape, size, or color or begins to itch, a dermatologist should check the mark as a possible cancerous growth.
  • A blue nevus is not painful for the child, and medical intervention is usually not required.

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