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Facts About Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a blood disorder in which the blood does not clot properly. People with hemophilia sometimes cannot stop bleeding on their own. Bleeding can continue for a long time - so long that it may cause damage to their body, or be dangerous to their health.

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This sounds frightening, but for people in countries like the United States, there is medicine that can stop bleeding fast. Today, many young children with hemophilia are growing up with little danger to their health from bleeding.

Hemophilia can be found in every country in the world. Although it can affect people of any race, religion or nationality, hemophilia is extremely rare. It mostly affects males.

Perhaps because it is so rare, many myths surround hemophilia.

Adapted from Tell Them the Facts! By Laureen A. Kelley, 1995

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Great Resource: Hemophilia Adoption Parent & Prospective Parent Support. A Facebook group for anyone considering the adoption of a child with Hemophilia, or currently parenting a child with Hemophilia who has entered your family through adoption. 

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Hemophilia Challenges

  • An IV can administer extra clotting factors to children with more severe hemophilia. Children may require multiple blood transfusions to maintain a healthy blood count.

Hemophilia Treatment

  • Applying ice and pressure to an injection site may help limit bleeding when children must have injections or IV access. Properly fitting shoes and thick socks can help prevent injuries, and padded clothing may protect the skin from bruises and tears. A physician should immediately evaluate any uncontrolled bleeding as well as any head injuries, as brain contusions may continue to bleed and put pressure on the brain.
  • These children should not take aspirin for any reason as aspirin thins the blood. Give a child extra fluids after an injury to help maintain blood pressure. This condition has no cure, but when protected from injuries, these children can live active, normal lives.

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