Orthopedic Conditions

Radial Club

Facts About Radial Club

Radial club hand is a very rare birth defect in which the inner forearm does not form properly. This causes the hand to be drawn inward with limited movement. In addition to the curvature of the wrist and forearm, there may be a missing, small, or weak thumb. This condition sometimes occurs in conjunction with other birth defects. 

There are many families that have adopted a child with Radial Club, Osteogenesis Imperfectaclub foot, or other orthopedic differences.  Please use our website to read family adoption storiesview children waiting to be adopted, and learn more about this and other medical conditions experienced by children living in institutions and orphanages. 

Radial Club Challenges

  • Surgical procedures or casting may be used to straighten the hand, wrist and arm. Many children with radial club hand and other Limb Differences are adopted every year.

Radial Club Treatment

  • Occupational and physical therapy help the child to learn to complete tasks independently. These children will normally find a way to perform most tasks with the affected limb. Daily prescribed exercises can strengthen muscles and prevent contracture of the fingers.


Radial Club