Facts About Deaf

Hearing loss and deafness are common disorders that can result from viral infections, high fevers, frequent earView waiting children with deafness or hearing loss-2 infections, or genetic abnormalities.  Many children needing adoptive famiilies suffere from some level of hearing loss. This could be caused by multiple ear infections, fevers, or other factors.  Adopting a child who is deaf or suffers from hearing loss is quite common for families. Many children with this condition are waiting for a family.


Deaf Challenges

  • Children with deafness or hearing loss may be slower to speak because they cannot rely on imitation of the words of others to help them learn to speak. Most hearing-disabled children can be taught to speak.
  • Children can use sign language at a very early age to help communicate their needs and wants to the world.


Deaf Treatment

Most forms of hearing loss cannot be cured directly, but hearing aids and cochlear implants can sometimes help a child to regain some hearing abilities.

Hearing-disabled children who are adopted at an early age tend to adapt very well. Many older adoptees as well find their world opening after entering an adoptive family. Contrary to popular belief, children with hearing loss are not difficult to place into families, and many deaf singles and couples, as well as average-hearing people adopt these special children.