We need families! Partnership in Yunnan

We need families! Partnership in Yunnan

I had the privilege of visiting an orphanage in beautiful Yunnan province, located in southwest China, as part of our new partnership in this region. The partnership allows Children’s Home to find families for many children from this orphanage and is an initiative of China’s central adoption authority, the CCCWA. Our agency provides certain resources, support and training to the orphanage in exchange for opportunities to work together and become familiar with the needs of their children -- all in an effort to strengthen the matching process and better prepare families.
Yunnan borders on Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar to its south and west, and boasts a rich ethnic diversity with around 25 different ethnic groups. Its beautiful, lush landscape make this region a tourist destination.  Like much of China, Yunnan has experienced the economic boom that’s resulted in new construction and visible urban growth, but still retains its rich culture.  As I walked the streets, I could hear the sounds from musicians playing on regional instruments.
Our partnering facility is a children’s welfare institute, or CWI, and was built just a few years ago. It contains quality physical therapy rooms and new equipment.  The orphanage staff expressed their excitement and hope that their children would join families through adoption, and they conveyed a sense of commitment to ensuring that the necessary medical work-ups and documentation would be prepared without delays.
Many of the children are toddler aged with a wide range of special needs including limb differences, heart conditions and cerebral palsy.  I was able to meet and spend time with children for whom we’ll soon have the opportunity to find families.  We expect to receive the files for several young children in the coming month or so.
One child I spent time with has multiple special needs including club feet and meningocele, and he has limited use and feeling in his legs. He’s a child who’s ready to smile and play, and whose resilience and perseverance are inspiring!  We look forward to finding his new family.  We have additional pictures and video.
 Take the Next Step
You can learn more about the little boy pictured st right by contacting intchild@chsfs.org.
We are expecting many children in need of families from this initiative and would love to talk to you about the program and whether or not your family is eligible to adopt from China.  Please contact welcome@chsfs.org to talk to an Intake Specialist today!
Learn More by Attending Our Webinars
You can view a recorded presentation about the China program eligibility and process by registering here. This is available at any time for your convenience.
We also have an upcoming webinar that will include: information about the new orphanage partnership, profiles and discussions surrounding specific waiting children, and an adoptive family panelist. You can register for this event here. We recommend that you attend the above recorded presentation before this webinar.

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