Missing Eye

Facts About Missing Eye

Some children are born with a missing or under-formed eye. In rare cases, a child may be born with both eyes affected. This can be the result of a genetic defect or an injury that occurs while the baby is still in the womb. It may appear in conjunction with other birth defects or alone.

Missing Eye Challenges

  • Doctors may prescribe glasses to protect the good eye from injury. Children with missing eyes have normal intelligence and can live productive lives!

Missing Eye Treatment

  • Children with one defective eye need yearly eye exams to check for vision problems. An artificial eye can increase a child?s self-esteem by improving outward appearances. Always approach the child from the side with the sighted eye so as not to startle him or her. Visual stimulation in the form of brightly colored toys and moving objects can promote proper brain development. Depth perception may be a problem for the child with only one sighted eye, but this sense will develop better if you encourage running and playing.