Urgent: His File is Set to be Returned!

Urgent: His File is Set to be Returned!

Editor's note: With some children's files, placing agencies are limited with the amount of time they can advocate. When that time is up, the file must be returned.  It goes without saying crucial time is lost in finding a forever family during this file transfer period.    Little Noah's (#31672) file is set to be returned in a few weeks! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a family who  has a log in date or whose dossier is near comletion to step forward!    Below, you will read an account from Erin, an advocate who had the chance to spend some wonderful "ahhhhhh"  time with this special little man. 

We were nearing the end of the day seeing children. We had seen so many wonderful children that day, we had laughed, we had almost cried, we thought we had experienced the full range of emotions.

Then a young man entered the room carrying a little boy. That is when we met Noah and knew that our hearts could stretch a little farther. Noah is 18 months old. He has a twinkle in his eyes that you don’t quite expect to see in such a young child and his smile is well worth the time it takes to win it.

Noah has corrected club feet. The young man who was carrying Noah was his therapist and it was obvious that Noah had a strong connection with him. He receives therapy daily. The physical therapist who travels with us said his feet look really good.

The cute little man just loved the mirror we had with us. He smiled at his reflection and gave himself kisses! He also liked a little toy car we had and held onto it the whole time we were with him.

He scribbled a little on paper and laughed when I would peek around a post that was in the room and smile at him. He seems to be doing great developmentally. He crawls and even takes a few steps.

You can find out more about Noah by contacting April Uduhiri.  

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