Children Needing Adoption

You are considering the adoption of a  child. Thousands of families have walked in your shoes. Before you visit the Adoption Photolisting, please take a few short minutes to familiarize yourself with the children who wait for families.  RainbowKids is specifically focused on International / Intercountry adoption.  If you haven't visited our Adoption Guide area, please do so.

Who Are The Children Who Wait for Adoptive Families?

The children who wait are young toddlers, pre-schoolers, sibling groups, and school-age children.  Sometimes the children have delays from living in instituations, which they outgrow quickly after entering a family.  Other times, the adjustment takes longer and supports through therapies are needed.  Many children are listed with a minor special need need that sounds 'scary', but upon investigation most of these special needs are very manageable or have been corrected all ready within their original-countries.  Yes, there are children with more involved special needs available.  Working through the adoption progress, you will examine your comfort level.  The first step for any family is to research, reach out, and educate yourself about the process of adoption. 

Millions of children currently reside in orphanage and foster-family situations throughout the world.  These children are sometimes in temporary care until their original families work through difficulties.  Unfortunately and often, a permanent solution for a child living in out-of-family care cannot be found within the child's own country.  In such cases, a child is sometimes legally made available to a family residing in the USA who has been cleared to adopt.  

As you can imagine, the original countries value these children greatly and seek to reunify orphaned children with their original families or to a family that lives within their country. This means that children often wait in legal-limbo for over a year before becoming available for adoption to qualified families within the USA.  The children on RainbowKids are all cleared for adoption.  They are represented by Adoption Service Providers (ASPs), who will screen and help families work through the adoption process.  At any time, as many as 2,000 children are listed on the RainbowKids website, represented by nearly 70 different ASPs.

 These children are real and they are waiting, right now, for a family to step forward and bring them home. We offer this adoption photolisting as a way to highlight children who truly need families. We ask only that those who visit the waiting child area be emotionally prepared. We also ask that you read the following disclaimer before proceeding:

Disclaimer: The children listed in this area are represented by certain agencies (adoption service providers). Adoption is a process and we encourage all families to self-educate about the adoption process.  We have no control over the individual listing of children, nor do we imply any recommendation to any one of the agencies that photolist. It is the sole responsibility of each family to research the agency representing the child. In a nutshell: please do not fall in love until you have done your homework!

It is our pleasure to bring you this wonderful photolisting of children waiting to be adopted. The children listed in this area come from many different countries.

If you are interested in a particular child, simply complete the form on the corresponding page.

Waiting Child Newsletter:  In addition to this adoption photolisting, we also have a private email list of children who are waiting to be adopted, but who cannot be photolisted due to the policies of their birth-countries.  To join this special list, please click here