Hearing Impairment

Facts About Hearing Impairment

Partial hearing loss is often genetic. It may also be caused by an infection during pregnancy or a very high fever. Frequent ear infections can also result in hearing loss.

  • There is a range of hearing loss from mild hearing loss to total deafness. Most children with hearing loss have normal intelligence and can learn many things.
  • Their learning of language will be delayed because they can’t hear people talking.
  • Children with hearing loss live normal, healthy lives.

Within instutitutions and orphanages, there are a number of children who will present with some level of hearing loss.  Adoptive families should received a clear medical diagnosis that outlines the level of a child's hearing at the time they review the child's medical paperwork (before adoption).  

Hearing Impairment Treatment

  • Children with hearing loss can sometimes benefit from hearing aids or a surgical treatment called cochlear implants.
  • Children who are deaf may communicate using sign language.
  • Children with hearing loss learn using their other senses, especially their vision. Use pictures and gestures to help the child understand and communicate. Show them what you want them to do and allow them to watch other children.
  • Get the child’s attention before speaking to him or her. Speak slowly and clearly.


Hearing Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Hearing Impairment