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Port Wine Stains

Facts About Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains are light pink to purple-colored birthmarks that often occur on the head or face, but can appear anywhere on the body. It is not known what causes these marks. Closely grouped blood vessels near the surface of the skin are responsible for the color of the birthmark. It is not unusual for port wine stains to become darker over time or to develop a rough appearance.

Port Wine Stains Challenges

  • Port wine stains get their name from their resemblance to wine that has been poured over the child?s body, with irregular shapes and a purple color. They are not harmful and usually do not require medical treatment.

Port Wine Stains Treatment

  • These birthmarks do not harm the child in any way, and laser treatments can lighten them if so desired. A physician should evaluate any children with port wine stains that extend into the eye area and should also check birthmarks to evaluate the possibility of bleeding from the site.

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Port Wine Stains
Port Wine Stains