A Family For Alia

A Family For Alia
When our staff first visited the Yuxi orphanage in Yunnan province, one precious little girl stood out from all of the other children.  Perhaps it was the way she hung her head, as if in shame.  Quiet, and shy, there also appeared to be a deep sadness held within her spirit.  
Heartsent Adoption's orphanage partnership with Yuxi is brand new for the agency and for all of the children at this orphanage, as well.  Previously, the children in the Yuxi orphanage were in foster care homes and smaller centers in the area. Alia has recently turned 6 years old. She has glaucoma of her left eye, which has progressed to the point that it will surely need to be removed. She is embarrassed about the appearance of her eye, and in constant pain due to the increased pressure within her eye.
Alia is known to be gentle, and loves to sing and dance. Alia needs a family who will help her receive the medical care she so badly needs, and will help her blossom! With proper care and preventative measures, we hope her remaining eye will be healthy. Alia is a sweet and loving little girl, who wants a family of her own.
For more information about Alia, or any of the other children in our partnership orphanages, please contact Dick or Cheryl at iaap2000@gmail.com.

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HAI was founded in 1995 from a family's desire to improve the international adoption process by making it a kinder jouney with more reasonable fees.  We started with a program in China.   Although HAI has grown as an agency and expanded our programs over the years, we are dedicated to keeping a small intimate feel, where we can get to know our clients, and provide them was as much support as possible.  Our adoption process is meant to be personal, enjoyable , and beneficial.  Heartsent invites our adopting parents to share their experiences with others which creates a parent-helping parents- atmosphere.  We find tht this relaxed approach is condusive to a more natural process, as well as a more "real" questions and answers from our families.     If you are ready to move ahead with your adoption journey,  contact us about chosing an adoption program and starting your home study.

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