Beautiful Ankita

Beautiful Ankita

In the summer of 2011, my husband, Eaton received an email about a little girl from India named Ankita, who needed a family. He showed me her picture and asked me to please pray for this little girl to find a home. Right away I wondered if we would be that family. A few days later he asked me to pray to see if we should adopt her. After a few more days Eaton asked me to call the organization that we would be adopting Ankita through to get more information.

Ankita had a medical issue called, lymphangioma, and we were unsure of what the future prognosis would be for her. We contacted the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia adoption department and sent all her medical information to them. They reviewed it and called to talk to us at length about their concerns. They were not sure that she would ever be able to walk, talk, reason or really do anything. It was just unknown territory for them having her so far away and such limited info. In fact they were not even sure that she would survive the next couple years, as the tumor on her neck could grow bigger and cut off her breathing. We had to really wrestle through this as we were nervous about the whole health situation but it always circled back to the fact that we really felt strongly that the Lord wanted us to adopt her. All of the other unknowns that we wondered about had to be committed and recommitted into God's hand. Her name means "Marked by The Lord" and we believe that she was picked out for us by Him.

We started filling out the pages and pages of paperwork and we were finally matched with her and got updated pictures and medical information. Little by little she was making medical progress. She has had multiple surgeries that have dramatically reduced her tumors. We were so grateful and rejoiced with every update.image 4

During our adoption process, India was changing their system for adopting. After two years, we were just waiting for the judge in India to tell us to order Ankita's passport so we could finally bring her home. I remember so clearly crying and rejoicing when we heard the news that Ankita could walk and say some words!! The Lord faithfully carried us through this very long and unpredictable adoption process. I would often remind myself that in God's perfect timing a precious little girl would soon be ours!!!

On April 8th, 2014, we finally were able to pick up our precious Ankita! The trip to India with our other four children was so amazing. It was a blessing to be able to share the whole experience with them. It was such an amazing thought, on the night before we met her, that the very next day we were going to walk into her orphanage and bring her home.

Seeing her for the first time was so emotional. She was even sweeter than I had imagined. Walking out of the orphanage with her in my arms felt like a dream come true. As she fell asleep laying on me that first night I was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness. With tears falling, the emotion I felt that night was the same as when I had held my newborn children for the first time. The Lord had filled my heart with so much love for her.

We had a week and a half more to enjoy India with Ankita. She warmed up so quickly to us and we had so much fun with her. Bringing her home was seamless and the transition has almost been non-existent. It feels like she's been with us from day one. We are so blessed and are amazed that The Lord would give us the privilege to have Ankita in our family. We can't imagine our life without her.

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