Nutrition is essential to the growth and development both physically and mentally of children worldwide. Severe Acute Malnutrion is the number one killer of children under the age of five-years-old across the globe. This is not just an "ocean away" issue either.  The epidemic of childhood hunger in America is a reality too. In fact, it is staggering.  It is estimated that 16 million children in our country live in households that cannont provide three well rounded meals a day. 

From providing spaghetti dinners to "motel children" in Southern California to creating a nutrition dense peanut butter paste in Africa, the organizations we feature here are working tirelessly to bring solid balanced nutrition to the most underserved children of the global community.

Each organization featured provides a call to action for our RainbowKids community. Maybe ending childhood hunger is your passion. If so, one of these organizations might just be the perfect way for you to make a difference in the life of a vulnerable child. 

Let us know if you know of an organization we can add to our growing list of organizations fighting childhood hunger globally.