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Host a Child in Colombia this Spring!

Colombia   Hosting a Child

Join us on the Adventure of Lifetime! Yours AND a Child in Need!   Trip planning. Just reading that phrase may stir up a vari...

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Adopting My Son from the Philippines

Cleft lip or palate   Philippines   Family Adoption Stories

I Always Knew I Would Adopt Since I was a young teenager, I’ve always known that I would adopt at least one of my children. As I grew older, I d...

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A Holiday Wish

Blind, Visual Impairment   China   Adoption Advocacy

It has always been hard for me to write advocacy posts around the holidays.  Why?  People are always more giving around the holidays…...

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Adoption Home Study: Tips from the Experts

How To Adopt, Pre-Adoption

How much will a home study  cost? How long will it take? Can I fail? These are some of the most common questions prospective adoptive pare...

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The Day His Name Became Son

China   Family Adoption Stories

Adoption Day – it’s the moment that you look forward to from the second you begin your adoption journey and receive notification that...

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Extended Adoption Travel - A Family's Perspective

Dominican Republic   Travel and Birthcountry Tours

MAA’s newest adoption program opened in the Dominican Republic recently, and we expect it to be a small program. This is partly becaus...

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Dental Visits and Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome   Post-Adoption

For every child, their first dentist visit can be a frightening and stressful experience. For those with Down syndrome it can be even worse, and somet...

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Adoption Travel With Your Child

Adoption Process, Travel and Birthcountry Tours

Coming home with your newly adopted child is the most exciting time for adoptive families. However, there are a few things that adoptive families may ...

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Building Our Family Through Colombian Heritage Adoption

Colombia   Sibling Adoption, Adoption Process

My wife and I decided to adopt in 2011. After weighing many options, including domestic adoption, we found the Colombian Heritage program at Spence-Ch...

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Discovering Joy

Down Syndrome   China   Special Needs Adoption, Family Adoption Stories

When I first learned that there were many children with Down Syndrome waiting to be adopted, I felt uncertain and thought, "there's no way we could do...

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