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Caring for African Hair

Ethiopia, Haiti, Sierra Leone   Hair Care

In part 2 of this regular series on African Hair Care, adoptive mom Sherri Gragg teams up with friend Stephanie Fitzgerald to share a variety of tips ...

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What is Attachment Parenting?

Bonding & Attachment

Websites, email lists, blogs and support groups all talk about Attachment and Bonding. In the world of adoption, it is a top-topic of seminars, pre-ad...

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Words to My Child's Birthparents

Birth Families

In August, asked readers this question: If it were possible, would you choose to meet your child's birth-mother? And if so, what would...

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Divorce after Adoption

Adoption Process

Divorce isn't the ending that any parent envisions when they begin the journey to adopt. In addition to the normal stress of a dissolved relationship,...

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The Power of Food

Food/Eating, Transitions

Untitled Document Cracker crumbs found under a pillow.  Moldy food rotting under the bed. A stash of food hidden in a backpack. A child who sits ...

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Brothers for Life

Russia   Older Child Adoption, Sibling Adoption

"Jacob, tuck in your shirt."  "Micah, come stand by Mommy."  The 6-year-old twins shuffle and twirl around the Tarrant County Family Law C...

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Hair Matters: Simple Part and Two Strand Twist

Ethiopia, Haiti   Hair Care

"Today I'm wearing it in my favorite style of all: two ponytails that stick out on either side of my head and flap in the air like a pair of wings. On...

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Listening to Adult Adoptees

Adoptee Articles

Often it takes place within a discussion on an adoption e-list. Recently it happened again at a breakout session at an adoption conference. My friend ...

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Welcome Home

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Korea South, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mexico, Moldova, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, USA, Lithuania, Panama, El Salvador, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Japan, Kenya, Armenia, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Nicaragua, Ecuador   Adoption Process, Transitions

When a newly-adopted baby/toddler joins the family, both parents and child face a period of adjustment, as new parents get used to the new role of par...

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