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Hey Families, Don't Give Up

Adoptee Articles

It’s a strange time to be alive, and a very strange time to be adopting internationally. At a time when everyone is drawing in, staying home, cl...

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Adoption is Hard but Worth It

Scoliosis   India   Family Adoption Stories

Our adoption story began many years ago when my husband and I first decided that one day, we would grow our family through adoption. Adoption had been...

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Traveling to Adopt During Covid-19

Serbia   Family Adoption Stories

We were ready. We had completed all of the paperwork and it was time bring home our daughter-to-be, Sofija! The countdown was on and we were leaving t...

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Responding to Adoption Fundraising Questions

Down Syndrome   Adoption Funding, Grants, Finances

Like many families who choose to add to their family through adoption, I have a few side-hustles and fundraisers that I work hard at to help off-set s...

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How Young Children Understand Adoption

Adoption Advocacy

For every child waiting to be adopted, there are many, if not dozens, of adults advocating and working to help that child find a safe, welcoming,...

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Adopting Our Daughter from the Country of Georgia

Deaf   Georgia   Older Child Adoption

For many years, I dreamed of adopting. Four biological kids and a few international moves over a spread of 6 years made it seem daunting, if not impos...

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Adopting Our 9-Year-Old from China

9 Years Plus   China   Family Adoption Stories

Go See China? She asks us this on a regular basis. Her photo album from our time with her in China during adoption week is well worn. We pull out...

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Adoption: Shifting Gears During Covid-19

Adoption Process, Adoption Advocacy

We’ve all made some monumental shifts over the past several weeks.  Shifts from school to home-school.  Shifts from office to work-fro...

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International Adoption Paperwork Checklist

Adoption Process

Sometimes called the “Paper Baby”, your adoption dossier contains all the important documents and paperwork that will be sent to the count...

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Why can’t I adopt NOW? What’s stopping me?

Heart Defect, Down Syndrome   Bulgaria   Family Adoption Stories, Single Parent Adoption

I was 28 years old when I decided to adopt as a single mom. Marriage hadn’t happened yet and my dreams of being a mom felt like they were slipp...

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International Adoption Agency

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