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Can Single Mothers Adopt a Child? The Pros and Cons.

Adoption Process, Education, Family and Community Support

Can a single mother adopt a child? It is a question that often comes up when discussing adoption. Some people feel it is unfair to the child, and that...

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What Type of Adoption is Right For You?

Adoption Process, Infertility, Adoption Education and Training

Adoption is a very life-changing milestone for every prospective adoptive parent and family. If you’re certain this is the path you want to trav...

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Choosing an Adoption Agency

How To Adopt, Adoption Process, Education

When you have the desire to bring home a little bundle of joy, it’s now time to find someone who can help make this happen. You need help from a...

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A Safe Place to Land

Older Child Adoption, Sibling Adoption, Waiting Children, Boys

I attended my nephew’s high school graduation last week.  He’ll be 18 in a few weeks, and of course, he has life all figured out.&nbs...

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Advice and Insights for Those Who Want to Adopt an Older Child

Older Child Adoption, Adoption Advocacy, Adoption Education and Training

The age of the child doesn’t matter when adopting; but at the same time, it does.  Contrary to everyone’s notion about adopting an o...

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Ecuador is Open! - An Open Door Adoption Agency

Ecuador   Adoption News, Culture and Pride

Since 1987,  An Open Door Adoption Agency  has helped women, children, and families all over the world. And this year, they're now ready to ...

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If you could sit with your younger self for an hour, what advice would you give her?

Adoptee Articles

Dear younger me,   First, I would love to give you a big hug. You have gone through a lot, and I am so proud of the woman you have become. ...

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Adoption Within the Jewish Faith: All You Need to Know

Culture and Pride, Family and Community Support

Adoption is a sensitive topic for many people, and there are a lot of misconceptions out there. For those within the Jewish faith, adoption can be an ...

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Armenia Adoption - A 2022 Perspective

Down Syndrome   Armenia   Special Needs Adoption, Adoption News, Adoption Advocacy

Years ago, the Armenia program was a popular option for families seeking to adopt a healthy infant.  Wait times were reasonable, and the children...

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Choosing the Gender of the Child When Adopting

Bonding & Attachment, Waiting Children, Transitions, Boys

Adopting a child is a rewarding experience that can change a life forever. It can be a tough decision to make, and it should be given careful consider...

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