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CCAI is a licensed, non-profit, Hague-accredited agency serving families in the US and around the world, and we have placed more than 12,000 children since 1992. Our China adoption program--our focus and specialty--has been ranked #1 worldwide by the CCCWA in China. Adoption is our passion; families benefit from our specialized and personal service, and our adoption costs are among the lowest in the field of international adoption. We wish to find caring parents and loving homes for as many abandoned healthy and special needs children as possible from China, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, and Taiwan.


Placing children with families in all 50 states of the USA.


Direct homestudy services provided to families living in the following states. Families living in other states will be referred to a Hague-Approved, licensed homestudy-provider in your state of residence.

Hosting Services

China Hosting Program:

Older orphans ages 5 to 13, especially those with medical conditions, are often forgotten. These children are often overlooked due to their ages and their medical conditions, and many will "age out" once they turn 14-years-old, without knowing the love and support of a family. Through CCAI’s China Hosting Program, older orphans are provided with the opportunity of a lifetime. They'll spend several weeks with an American family experiencing things they may have never had a chance to do growing up in an institution: things like going to the zoo, museums or movies, riding a bike, swimming, jumping on a trampoline and more.  Watching their faces light up at seeing a lion at the zoo for the first time, learning to ride a bike, or pump their legs on a swing are unforgettable moments!  Most of all, hosting provides these children with hope for their futures.

Think of the difference you could make in the life of a child!  During hosting, you learn about your host child's life, his or her personality, how their special need affects their daily life and just how much they need a second chance at family. Can four weeks with an orphan really make a difference? In only a few weeks, orphans can begin to trust, gain a sense of belonging and identity, and grow in self-confidence. A few weeks can change the fate of a child who might have spent years being overlooked.

The three to four precious weeks that the host children and their host families spend together is a life changing experience, and the memories that are created will last a lifetime!  While the hosting experience is remarkable for an orphaned child, it's equally rewarding for a host family. Many hosting families speak on how hosting changed their lives and opened the hearts of many others in their community to the plight of orphans. Orphan hosting brings families together.  Your family can experience the love and acceptance of bringing a child into your home. 

For more informaiton on hosting a child please visit the CCAI website at   The photo listing of children that are available to be hosted in winter are available at the end of August or beginning of September and for summer at the end of February or beginning of March. Anyone who is interested in viewing the photo listing will need to register through the CCAI website at to receive a link and password to view the photo listing.  If you would like to learn more about the hosting program, please email or call 303-850-9998 x42. 

Latvia and Ukraine Hosting Programs:

In addition  to our traditional  adoption programs with Latvia and Ukraine,  CCAI  partners with Project 143 for a Winter/Summer Hosting Program! Families choose to host for a variety of reasons. Families considering adoption, especially of an older  child, decide to  host before moving forward. Some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host.  Although not all children in this program are available for adoption, many children are.  Additionally, CCAI will assist you as your placing agency should you host a child through Project 143 and then want to consider the possible adoption of that child. 

Consider this truly remarkable way to make a difference in an orphan's life.  You can find more information  on the Latvia and Ukraine hosting at Project 143 -

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