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  Written by Sheila King on 24 Mar 2015

Do you know the difference between influence and change? Influence is defined as having an effect on something. Change is defined as making something different. What if you could literally change the life of an orphan in only four weeks? Older orphans need a family environment that allows for their potential to be uncovered. Imagine being that family, waiting at the airport for that little person of potential. Finally catching a glimpse of a nervous child who's traveled thousands of miles, your mission is clear. Your family is now the #1 advocate for this small stranger. During hosting, you learn about your host child's life, his or her personality, how their special need affects their daily life and just how much they need a second chance at family. Can four weeks with an orphan really make a difference? In only a few weeks, orphans can begin to trust, gain a sense of belonging, identity and grow in self-confidence. A few weeks can change the fate of a child who might have spent years being overlooked.

Together with orphanage directors, CCAI has conducted interviews to get to know the children offered for our summer host program. The team speaks with each child, takes photos, and videos and observes them as they interact with others. If chosen by a host family, these children are able to obtain a temporary visa to visit the United States for approximately four weeks. Many of these children have never had a positive family experience. Through hosting, they get a first-hand glimpse of what healthy relationships within a family can be like. Host families do NOT have to be considering adoption, but need to be simply willing to open their home to an orphaned child and make a difference by advocating on their behalf. If the child isn't chosen for hosting, he or she is simply at impossible odds to see their life changed.

While the hosting experience is remarkable for an orphaned child, it's equally rewarding for a host family. Many hosting families speak on how hosting changed their lives and opened the hearts of many others in their community to the plight of orphans. Both host child and host family find the experience life changing. Signup for summer hosting is open now! If you are ready to consider hosting an orphan and discover how life-changing it really is, register for our photo listing at  




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