China Hosting Program

China Hosting Program

Many orphans grow up in orphanages with little or no opportunity to experience the meaning of a family.  Older orphans in China ages 5 to 13, especially those with medical conditions, are often forgotten. The good news is that CCAI’s China Hosting Program allows some of these orphans the opportunity to live with American families for 4 weeks over the winter or summer holidays. Hosting is ideal for families with a heart for changing the life of an orphan. Without hosting, many of these orphans will age out and never experience the life changing love that a family provides. Please consider hosting a child and make a difference in the life of a child! 

The CCAI China Hosting Program is a great opportunity for children to experience American culture and for families to experience hosting an older child from China.  

This past summer, for the very first time, CCAI brought 19 older orphans (ages 5 to 13) from China to the US for hosting, all children with medical conditions.  Because of this amazing opportunity 16 of these children have found their forever families!  This winter CCAI is bringing 25 older orphans (ages 5 to 13) from China to the US for hosting; most of these children also have medical conditions. The children will be with their host families for approximately 4 weeks, from mid-December to mid-January. We will soon be preparing for our 2015 Summer Hosting Program.   The photo listing of children available for Summer Hosting will be available in February or March of 2015; registration to view the photo listing will be available through the CCAI website at     Additional information on hosting a child from China can be found on the CCAI website at the following link, or you are welcome to contact us at   

Hosting is an amazing life changing experience for the children being hosted, but also for the families that host them! 

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