A Safe Place to Land

A Safe Place to Land

I attended my nephew’s high school graduation last week.  He’ll be 18 in a few weeks, and of course, he has life all figured out.  He has hopes, and he has dreams.  And he’s going after them.  He’ll officially be ‘an adult,’ and is ready to fly off from the nest to start making a life for himself. 

I think back to those days when I felt the same.  ‘This is it…..I’m free to do what I want!  FREEDOM!’  I was off on my own, experiencing so many changes and firsts. 

But the one thing that didn’t change was my safe place to land – home.  And not just when I needed to do laundry or wanted a free meal, but a place to go when I needed rest – physical and emotional rest.  A place to go when I needed encouragement and support.  A place to go where the people knew exactly what to say.  A place to go where the people always knew ME and my heart, even when I was figuring my own self out.  Home.  And it didn’t end when I turned 19, or 20.  Home has been my safe place to fall throughout my 20s, my 30s, and even now into my 40s.  And now, as I navigate Motherhood, the biggest thing I want my boys to walk away with then they turn 18 is that they will always have a safe place to land with us.  No matter how old they are.  No matter how successful.  No matter what.  Home = Safety.  Always and Forever.

I found myself thinking of Antonio throughout my nephew’s graduation ceremony.  Approaching his 18th birthday in a few short months.  Approaching ‘adulthood.’  Off on his own.  FREEDOM.  But the difference between him and 18 year old me, between him and my nephew, is he doesn’t have a safe place to land.  He’ll truly be on.his.own.  With nowhere to go.  For the little things like laundry and food.  But more so for the bigger things like encouragement and support.  For feeling valued and safe. 

Madison staff has met and spent time with Antonio and Arlo (Antonio’s 10 year old brother).  They describe both boys as sweet, caring, and kind.  They have heard directly from Antonio and Arlo about their strong desire for a family.  Their strong desire for a safe place.  And their strong desire to stay together.

Please help us find Antonio’s safe place to land before it is too late.  We need a miracle, as time is running out.  We need a home study ready family (or one who could update a home study FAST).  We need a family willing to RUN to Antonio and Arlo so that these brothers can stay together, and have a safe place to land forever.

If you are interested in learning more about Arlo and Antonio, please complete our Prospective Adoptive Parent form, or email Catherine@madisonadoption.org. Madison Adoption Associates is offering a $9,000 grant* to the qualified family who commits to these brothers.

*Deducted from MAA’s agency fee of $14,000 for siblings, making the total agency fee $5,000. Grant will be deducted from Dossier invoice.

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