Share Your Adoption Story

Remember when you first started looking into the adoption of a child? There was a lot of information to sort through, and a lot to learn.  It can be overwhelming to anyone!

What families need, more than anything else at the beginning of this process, is encouragement.

Seeing other families successfully bring a child home touches the hearts of vulnerable families.  We've all been in their shoes!  

Your story could be the one that inspires someone else to take that next step in their journey.  Your encouragement could help a single or couple say, "Maybe my dream of being a mom/dad could come true."

Won't you be that voice of encouragement?

We're looking for all kinds of stories:

  • Stories about adopting a child with a specific type of medical need
  • Stories written by singles, older couples, large and small families
  • Stories focused on adopting from specific countries
  • Foster Care Adoption stories
  • Sibling Group focused stories
  • Suggest a story!  

A few suggestions for writing your story:

  • Make it your own!  You can share about the process, the adjustment stage, school experiences....share what's in your heart that you think could help other families.
  • Don't worry about length!  We'll trim it up if there's need.
  • Yes, we do accept previously published blog stories. They are some of the best!
  • Include photos.  Before adoption and after are perfect.  But if you do not wish to submit a photo, that's okay, too.
  • Names: For your child's privacy, we ask that last names not be used.  You may even change your child's first name to a pseudonym, or submit your story anonymously.  

Reach out to us. We would love to work with you.  Contact Julie Barclay to submit your story or discuss an article idea.  Thank you!

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