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Can Same Sex Couples Adopt? Here's What You Need To Know

Adoption Process, Adoption Advocacy

In recent years, same-sex couples have been able to adopt children more easily than ever before. This is a huge step forward for the LGBTQ+ community,...

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Requirements to Adopt: A Checklist to Get Started On Your Adoption Journey

Adoption Process, Pre-Adoption, Adoption Education and Training

Whatever type of adoption you choose, there will be requirements to prepare. So as you begin the process, you have to ask yourself, "Are you ready? Ar...

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Challenges For The Internationally Adopted Children, Parenting Tips and Advice

Bonding & Attachment, Post-Adoption, Transitions, Education

According to Adoptive Families Magazine, there are over 400,000 adopted children in the US living with families who are caring for children that come ...

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Can You Adopt When You're In The Military?

How To Adopt, Adoption Process, Military Families

The military offers many benefits to those who serve, but one of the most important is the opportunity to adopt a child. The military has a long histo...

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Making Friends and Creating Healthy Social Ties for Adopted Children

Adoption Disruption, Social Skills, Education, Family and Community Support

Insights For Parents and Caregivers We want the best for our children, no matter what. And when we see them struggle to make playmates and friends in...

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How to Adopt and Infant in the United States

Adoption Process, Foster to Adopt, Foster Care

Adopting a child is a selfless act that provides a loving home for a child in need. Adopting a child can be daunting, but with the proper research and...

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Adoption Fundraising Ideas (With Little to No Capital Needed)

Pre-Adoption, Adoption Funding, Grants, Finances, Education, Ways to Help

There are many ways to overcome financial hurdles during the adoption process, and some adoption financing options require minimal capital. Today we w...

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Celebrating Your Adopted Child's First Christmas: Here's How to Plan

Adoption Advocacy, Post-Adoption, Family and Community Support

Who’s giddy for the most wonderful time of the year, home with your newest addition to the family? Most likely, you're floating on cloud nine r...

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10 Facts You Should Know About Intercountry Adoption

Adoption Process, Adoption Education and Training, Education

There’s a lot of preparation that goes with every adoption journey—especially with intercountry adoption journeys. Even with all of the pr...

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Bulgaria Traditional Program

Bulgaria   How To Adopt, Adoption Process, Adoption Advocacy

Exploring International Adoption? The Bulgaria Traditional Program might be the right fit for you! In a recent meeting with the Ministr...

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