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  Written by Karen H. on 23 Sep 2015

As time passed as we waited for a healthy child to adopt from China, were growing more content as a family of three.  We began to consider that our first child through adoption might be our only child.  

Then our Pastor began a series on Joshua. We were challenged to not miss out on the blessing He had in store for us. We did not want to be like those couple of tribes who did not cross the Jordan into the Promised Land. We did not want to settle for what seemed like it might be enough. So we stepped out in faith and began the paper chase to adopt again, this time through China’s Waiting Child program.

The paperwork took us much longer than it should have taken. Shortly after our paperwork was complete, America World received a referral with a “potential match” for our family. It was a “potential match” because this child’s condition was on our 'maybe' list. Our Family Coordinator called us to see if we would consider this condition and thus this child for adoption. We said we would review her file and came to the conclusion after prayer and wise counsel that this child was our second daughter! What seemed like discouraging diversions in our paper process, lead us directly to the child that God had for our family at His perfect time.


We could not be more blessed by having her in our lives.  We take such delight in her. Her sweet disposition and captivating smile bring us joy daily. We are forever grateful to those who cared for her. It is so evident to us that not only were her physical needs met, but that she was loved and cherished during her stay there.

We are so thankful that we stepped out as a comfortable family of three to receive God’s blessing by becoming a family of four! When her big, bright, dark eyes lock into ours and her face erupts with smile, we melt and marvel at the work God has done in grafting us together as family. Kylie Grace reminds our family that out of the fullness of Christ, we have all received grace upon grace.






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