Waiting Child Profile: Aslan, A Beautiful Soul

Waiting Child Profile: Aslan, A Beautiful Soul

There are times when we view a file and video of one of our RainbowKids Waiting Children and are completely stunned at the beauty of the soul within the child.  Seven year old Aslan is  our most recent example. 

Described as having the heart of a lion, everyday he manages the physical effect of his special need.  He likely has Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis.  EV is a rare inherited condition characterized by chronic infection with human papillomavirus(HPV) leading to multiple cutaneous lesions.  The condition is not contagious to others and is not life threatening. With close medical multidisciplinary care it can be managed. Regardless of all of this, Aslan is determined to enjoy his friends and all that his current life has to offer him. 

Aslan is described as extroverted by his caregivers.  In their own words, "he is active, relentless; can run and jump freely; has a ready smile; talkative; can communicate well with others; likes singing, dancing and telling stories; outstanding performance in our institute; strong receptivity of knowledge; can put on and take off clothes and shoes by himself; like clean up; helpful; can distinguish position, color, size and shape; know to share and give; coralloid adamant on whole body’s skin except for belly and back; such coralloid adamant will fall off after a period of time; if touches such coralloid adamant by accident, it will be bleeding and hurting.”

Its safe to say Aslan is all boy!

Please take a moment to consider if you might be the perfect parent for Aslan.  He just has to have a family to share this beautiful soul with!

Contact Nina Thompson at Children's House International for more information on Aslan or view his complete profile on our RainbowKids Waiting Children page, ID #24376.  



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