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A Father Prepares to Reunite with His Son

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  Written by GWCA on 02 Jul 2015

One of our families in the China adoption program has shared their thoughts with us as they prepare to travel to to China to reunite with their son, Duo. After hosting Duo last summer, they have been longing for this reunion since the moment he left.
In just a few hours my wife and I will be jumping on a plane, crossing several time zones, and landing in the country that our son has called home his entire life. All of the details have been set and the plans that we have laid out for the last 9 months are finally coming to fruition. It is hard to believe that soon we will be reunited with the little boy that stole our hearts last summer and it is amazing to reflect on how God has orchestrated all of these events to lead us to this night.  
Tonight I should be worrying about flight delays, customs agents, and exchange rates.Tonight I should be thinking through our check list, doing a last minute run-through of our busy schedule, or making sure we have packed enough clothes for the journey. However, tonight I am not thinking about any of those things, though I know I probably should.   Instead, tonight I am thinking about Duo Ezra Raney. For so long the idea of him joining our family has felt like a dream, yet soon it will be a reality. I am thinking about when he plays on his first little league team and slides into home. I am thinking about the first time we get to go camping together and he makes his first smore. I am thinking about the first time I nervously sit in the passenger seat of a car has he attempts to learn how to drive. I am thinking about his first date and how nervous he will be trying to get everything right. I think about the day he leaves for college, ready to take the world head on. I’m thinking about the day he gets married and how proud we will be when he finds the love of his life. I’m thinking about when he becomes a father and feels about his child the same way we feel about him.  
Tonight I should be thinking about every single detail that the next few days will hold, how stressful the trip could be, and worry if we have missed something. But I can’t.Tonight, I think of Duo and the many milestones that he will accomplish. I also think how blessed we are, that God will allow us to see every one of them. That is what I am thinking about tonight.


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