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What is Orphan Hosting through Frontier Horizon?

Every year we bring orphans (social and biological) to the United States and Canada. Through our program, children are matched with host families and get to experience what life is like in a loving and caring home for a few weeks in the summer or over a holiday break. The host family commits to a child, sibling group or multiple children for the program. The children live in your home, share your life, enjoy day trips and shopping; they experience our food, language, and culture through you and your family. Many children have not experienced a loving home or caring family, their daily life is contained in the orphanage. Frontier Horizon primarily works with orphanages in Ukraine, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

Spring 2020 Ukraine Hosting Program Dates: March 20 - April 10

Summer 2020 Hosting Program Dates: June 20-July 20

Summer Columbian Hosting Program Dates: TBD

Nicaragua Hosting Program Dates: TBD

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Adopting a Host Child:

Many families are interested in adopting the children they host or meet through the Frontier Horizon Travel Program. There are a large number of children who are already adopted and living in the United States as a direct result of the program. You may want to experience having an older child in your house before you adopt, or you may simply want to give a child a vacation away from the orphanage for a few weeks. The advantage of the program is that it affords a number of life-changing opportunities for both your family and the child. Regardless of your reason to host, please be aware that Frontier Horizon is a humanitarian aid organization and not an adoption agency. The goals of this program are primarily to improve the health, education, and general welfare of orphan children in Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Kyrgyzstan. While we are excited about the potential of adoption for these children, Frontier Horizon is not an adoption agency. If you choose to adopt please be aware the process is handled separately from our organization, and we do not have any control or influence over the adoption process, nor do we have any affiliation with adoption agencies.

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