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Advantages of Winter Trips to China

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  Written by Louie Yi on 26 Jun 2017

Winter trips to China are my personal favorite!  Yes, this surprises many people, because I travel there A LOT during the summertime.    But there are so many advantages for a family  travel during winter break, it's something I do like to to explain. 

December is not yet holiday season in China for most people, since a Chinese New Year always comes later.  Because  schools in China take a break in January or February for Chinese New Year, it  means very few Chinese travelerswill be at the sites we typically visit during December  -- so nothing is crowded at all – which makes travel so much more pleasant.   No jostling elbows or shoulders at key sites.   Also, we can typically find families a much better deal on international airfare costs during winter break -- sometimes savings as much as 50% cost on the ticket price -- so that's hard to find any other time of year. 

Some people are afraid that Beijing will be too cold -- "not usually" is my response.  Of course, I suggest to dress in layers for winter break travel -- so bring a jacket, yes, absolutely.   You can remove layers as you move south and when we're in Yangshou, we still experience a wonderful bamboo raft on the temperate climate in the picturesque Guilin/Yangshou area.  

It's really so much nicer time to travel than the summer!   It my favorite times to escort a group,  because all the key sites, such as Forbidden City, are not at all crowded.   The feature photo for this article I took on a recent winter break trip -- I could never have done that photo during a summer trip -- it is very packed in summertime, and we must stay close together.  

If your child's schedule will allow it at all, I highly recommend wintertime as the best time, even if kids miss a couple of days of school; it can be worth it. .  Bottom line is  -- there are a lot of advantages to winter break travel to China:

  • No crowds   
  • Pleasant weather in all cities
  • International air has “low season” pricing
  • Heritage Trips costs often less than summer costs
  • More chance to see the wonderful features of key sites

There are more, but you get the idea ---- travel at non-peak times if you have that option.  The difference on airfare alone can result in saving a lot – sometimes more than $1000 per ticket, depending on where one has the original destination. Something to think about!   

Our Winter Travel 2017 to read the winter itinerary.  – I’ve made a few more tweaks to the making it even more fun! You can contact me at  for specific trip related questions, or contact Iris Culp at to ask planning questions, or find out about the next webinar.  It is free if you are a newsletter subscriber of Rainbow Kids! 




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