Medical Care

If you connect the dots between all of the organziations that provide medical care to the underserved children around the world you will find that their main common goal is that of providing the most compassionate loving care they can in order to a give a vulnerable child a second chance on life. 

Healing homes, surgeries to correct disfiguring birth defects and disablilites, the Cleft Bottle Project, and community medical service mission trips are just a few of the ways organizations featured here serve children around the world.  

Each organization provides a call to action to our RainbowKids community.  Maybe fundraising to provide baby bottles designed for infants born with cleft palates is something you would like to do?  Or perhaps you have experience in the medical field and you would like to volunteer your time to travel across the seas to help provide medical evaluations for children in orphanages? If so, one of these organizations might just be the perfect way for you to make a difference in the life of a vulnerable child. 

Let us know if you know of an organization we can add to our growing list of organizations that are providing life saving and life changing medical treatment to children around the world.