10 Things to Expect from a Pre-Adoption Medical Review

10 Things to Expect from a Pre-Adoption Medical Review

Children in foster care or the adoption system often have a variety of complex needs and incomplete medical histories. A pre-adoption medical review will help your family understand the needs of the child that may become a part of your family, ensuring that you feel informed about the possible medical and developmental needs. The University of Minnesota Adoption Medicine Clinic doctors offer unparalleled expertise, having collectively reviewed the histories of over 25,000 children.

10 Things you can expect with your pre-adoption medical review

1) One-to-one, personalized attention from an adoption physician who has special training and expertise in adoption medicine, familiar with different systems and what is possible to ask for from other countries. Many general pediatricians have wonderful expertise in pediatric conditions but may not be familiar with the subtleties of foreign systems, growth that is “typical” in institutional care and FASD screening and risks.

2) Secure online system where you can electronically upload the referral information any time of the day or night. You are able to use this as a central reference for your files, responses and add additional updates or questions at any time.

3) Quick response time. A standard referral is responded to within 24-72 business hours from submission with a written response you can download for your records

4) Expedited response time: If you require or prefer faster turnaround, you are able to request this through our online system. We can accommodate this request 365 days a year.

5) Follow-ups are included: You may continue to ask any questions you have, schedule a phone call with the reviewer and/or upload as many updates or new questions throughout your adoption process. We are like an insurance policy, standing by if you need us.

6) Access to specialists, as needed: If there are complicated issues such as a heart condition, we will seek out a specialist to give us better direction as to how the child is doing and what the future may hold for followup and outcome.

7) Consultation assistance while you are traveling to meet your child, responding to new and updated health and development information, and any questions and concerns you have. Parents may have general pediatric questions while traveling or occasionally, encounter major concerns about the child’s health while there in person. We can correspond with you to help you assess the situation.

8) Your referral review will cover all aspects of the child's referral information: growth, development, infectious disease status, social and medical history, birth parents' social and medical history (if available).

9) FASD screening: The University of Minnesota does more assessments for FASD than almost any other clinic in the country. While we cannot always diagnose FASD from afar, we can screen and evaluate long-term risk from alcohol or other prenatal exposures.

10) Potential to obtain waiver letter to assist in waiving the waiting period. This can help families to bring their children home to the USA sooner if there are urgent medical or emotional needs to address.

The AMC has been a trusted partner for over 25 years helping families to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. An AMC research study (2007, unpublished data) found that parents who took the time to have a pre-adoption medical review done had fewer immediate issues with transition to family life, as well as fewer long-term issues post adoption. When you get the referral you’ve been waiting for, let the AMC help you make an informed decision.

Questions about making an appointment? Would you like more information about our services or how we can help you? Please contact us at 612 624 1164, or by email at iac@umn.edu.


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