Waiting in Vietnam

Waiting in Vietnam

A Note from RainbowKids: There is a sad scary truth about the crisis, the overwhelming crisis of orphaned boys needing families around the world. Boys. They are considered special needs only because they are boys. Spend a moment getting to know these four young men.  Don't look away because they are boys but look to them...because of the exceptional boys they are.   Please share!

A child’s birthday shouldn’t be a special need, but sadly, that is the case for four bright, healthy, “older” boys in Dillon's Vietnam Waiting Child program. Each child longs to be part of a family who will support them unconditionally and help them achieve their dreams. To request the medical/social file of any of these great kids, please  email our Waiting Child Coordinator with specific questions.

di2015-v1-150x150This 14-year-old boy, whose case number is Di2015-v1, dreams of having a family and becoming a soccer player. His main special need is his age.We have received medical information which indicates he is in good health. He was living in a private orphanage, but recently moved to a public orphanage. A very brief social history is also available. He loves music and watching movies, and his favorite color is red.



This handsome young man, whose case number is Di2015-v9, recently celebrateddi2015-v9-150x150 his 11th birthday. We pray he’ll have a forever family to help him celebrate the next one.
He’s described as nice, happy, studious, calm and respectful. He enjoys school and makes good grades. He gets along well with other children, but he does not have many friends at school because he is labeled as a child who lives in an orphanage.
He loves dogs, and he enjoys basketball, although he does not have the opportunity to play very often. He would love to be part of a family with siblings and either two parents or a single mother.


di2015-v10-150x150This outgoing 13-year-old, whose case number is Di2015-v10, needs a family who likes to play!
He enjoys being outside and loves sports, especially soccer, basketball and badminton, which is very popular in Vietnam.
He also loves computers, reading, writing and going to school. He is described as happy, talkative and respectful. He likes being the leader among his friends. When he dreams of a family, he dreams of a mother, father and brother.


This 12-year-old boy, whose case number is Di2015-v15, has a sad storyIMG_1033-225x300 to tell.His father died in early 2014, and he never knew his mother, so he was living with his aunt. When the aunt got married, she stopped caring for him, and he became homeless. Since late 2014, he has been living at a social welfare center. We hope to have additional information about his interests and hobbies soon. We are working with another American agency to find a family for him.

This boy needs a second chance at a forever family. Could that family be yours? 






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