Waiting Child Photo Unites Many Families

Waiting Child Photo Unites Many Families

Maggie's photo on a waiting child photolisting, that I responded to, created a burning desire in my heart to help other families, and the rest is Little Miracles International history! Maggie now attends college and is a part of a disability department that assists her to become the best she can be and to reach for her dreams.  Her major is Digital Graphic Arts and she's become a serious student.

I have to admit, reading my journal entry below when I first saw and printed out her photo (we didn't blog in 1998) brought back some tears.  I hope you can join with us and celebrate her 21 beautiful years, 16+ years home with us.  

"I held her photo in my hand, this photo. I saw a little life thriving inside a body that had no control over her conditions. I imagined her rocking herself to sleep at night. I smelled the stench of the orphanage crowded with hundreds of children, and with too few caretakers to fully nurture my child. I watched her eat porridge and fight with other children for nourishment. I heard her calling from her crib in the dark night, saw her little hand reaching out to me "Mama, Mama!" I felt her in my arms, our hearts touching. Her name was Maria Magdalena Alexandru. She was surviving in a Romanian orphanage, where she had been most of her little life, and was available for adoption. She was my daughter."

Happy Birthday my sweet Maggie.  I love you my first, my daughter. I love you more than you will ever know. This is the day we celebrate YOU. You will never know just how many families were brought together by this photo. You were the beginning of Little Miracles, and now you are 21 years old. ~ Love Mama.  

P.S.  I love you infinity.

Please read her adoption story.

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