Urgent Need: Sibling Group's File to be Returned Soon!

Urgent Need: Sibling Group's File to be Returned Soon!

There is a sense of urgency in the placement of this sibling group as their file must be returned in May.  Please consider sharing, help us advocate for these wonderful children from Eastern Europe. 

Singles are eligible to adopt this sibling group! 

It is an uphill challege to advocate for children without sharing a photo however by signing into RainbowKids password protected Waiting Child area you will be able to view Zoe, Phillip, and Andre's charming family photo. 

This darling sibling group is described by their teachers and foster family as children with incredible character, exceptionally bright and very obedient. All are healthy and none of them has had any significant health problems. They are Roma children from a delightful small Eastern European country.

The oldest, Andre (11 years old), is now in the fourth grade and has done very well in school. He plays soccer on a local team and is also practicing traditional folklore dance. Zoe ( 9 years old) is a first grader.  Her teacher describes her as exceptionally sweet and very organized.  She is an excellent student and an even better friend to those she surrounds herself with.  Zoe loves volleyball and plays on her school team. The youngest, Phillip (7 years old) attends a preschool and is described as well adjusted in the classroom. He easily performs all the tasks assigned to him. 

Zoe, Andre, and Phillip have lived in the same foster home since 2010.  They are described as well behaved with exceptional manners. They are obedient and are well liked and accepted within their foster home community.  They have no trouble socializing with children from school and the neighborhood.  Each child has their own group of friends with whom they play.

It goes without saying these children will thrive in a nurturing family. Could that family be yours? 

To answer any questions you might have about Zoe, Andre, and Phillip please visit their RainbowKids Waiting Child profile page to be directed to their placement agency.  

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Since 1987, An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. has placed over 2,100 children. These include 1,400+ children from the state of Georgia and 700+ international orphans. Each of these precious lives represents many more people touched by adoption -- from the birth parents to the adoptive couple to the children themselves. What a great privilege it is to be there for them to complete their desire for a family.

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