Supporting Older Children

Supporting Older Children

Adopting an older child is HARD! Over the years, more and more children over the age of 6 are adopted each year, and sadly many of these adoptions are riddled with unanticipated challenges, some of which end in disruption. As we have learned more about these struggles, CCAI has been determined to help make older child adoption more manageable for everyone.

As part of our ongoing need to support older children, CCAI this year has partnered with the CCCWA to provide additional training and support to the orphanages and nannies caring for older children as well as providing additional resources to the children themselves. These children are often wary of adoption, nervous of what it will be like to join a family and afraid of the international move to a place they don’t understand and to a culture that doesn’t speak their language. Our efforts are to encourage the children and orphanage staff to think about adoption in a positive manner, and to be more prepared for adoptions as they happen. This preparation will hopefully make for a smoother transition as children join their adoptive homes, and help to reduce some of the misconceptions among orphanage children regarding adoption and what it means.

We are so excited to report that we have already produced a training manual for orphanages, a children’s book to introduce basic family and adoption concepts to children, and translation flash cards to help children learn some English as well as help them communicate with their families once they meet. We are working on an English CD to further language preparation, as well as a video to help children hear from adoptees who have already made the journey.

Let’s hope these efforts help older children to be excited about the possibility of being adopted, hopeful about what adoption means, and maybe a little more prepared for the biggest challenge of their lives – joining a forever family.

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