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  Written by EAC, Inc. on 08 Jun 2016

Adoptive families share a special bond.

There is an understanding that binds them and brings them together, and a shared life experience that can only be understood by others who have adopted.It’s natural, then, to form connections and friendships with others who have adopted.  Staying in touch is not always easy, though. Parents lead busy lives, and they get busier as time goes on. Despite this, it is recognized how important it is to keep in touch with those who have made an impact on our lives and who share the bond of common experience.Incorporate some of these ideas into your life and staying in touch will become a habit that is hard to break:

  • Use Social Media – Social media was invented for keeping in touch with people! Share photos and memories during those long stretches when you can’t get together in person. Photos of your family go a long way towards helping people understand that family is about love, not blood.
  • Video Chat Services – For that personal touch, video chat services like Skype, Google Hangouts, Face Time, and others are a great way to get “face time” with dear friends and family. And your kids can join in with you! Others who have experienced what you have will enjoy these opportunities to reconnect.
  • Don’t Forget “Snail Mail” – It’s ironic that in today’s era of technology something as simple as a Christmas card is more special than ever. Spend the 40 cents on a stamp and you’ll make someone’s week! You’ll also help friendships last a lifetime.
  • Schedule A Regular “Date” For Calls – Decide to chat on the first Sunday night of each month, and you and a family you’ve made a connection with will not only stay in regular contact, you’ll be creating a cherished tradition that could last for years.
  • Be Clever With Vacation Planning/Travel – When you’re traveling or going on vacation, find ways to make a pit stop to visit people who are important to you. Driving to Orlando from Ohio? Stop at your friend’s in North Carolina for a four-hour break. All it takes is an afternoon stop on your drive to your final destination to keep important friendships alive.

Keeping in touch with one another is important because adoptive families have experiences that “traditional” families may not have, and they cope with emotions and feelings that are unique to adoptive parents. Connecting with like-minded people can be a powerful way to feel good about who we are and the choices we’ve made. And let’s be honest, that is important.



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