Six Reasons to Adopt a Sibling Group

Six Reasons to Adopt a Sibling Group

1. Adopting siblings is not double the cost. There are several areas that fees will be double but many that won't. If you are considering adopting more than one child it is still a financially reasonable adoption option to consider.

2. You are helping multiple children find a new beginning.

3. The children will feel less alone in the process and can lean on each other for support.

4. Children are able to maintain their "roles" in birth order, which is a benefit in their identity formation.

5. It allows children to see a familiar face and hear their own language, thus there is less difficulty for them in the transition process.

6. You give and receive twice or three times the love than when you adopt just one child. More love to go around is always better!

What to Expect

When adopting a sibling group your family needs to consider the investment that is required. More time is needed to spend with more children (playtime, doctor visits, extra-curriculars, etc). There are more resources needed to care for multiple children. The siblings share a strong bond already, so it may take longer to bond with parents or other children in the home.

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