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The Girl in the Pink Dress

Love at last

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  Written by Boys & Girls Aid on 29 Sep 2016

Finalization day was today, and what a whirlwind. We have been counting down the days for weeks and it is finally here. With friends and family sitting behind us everything slowed down and it was just us sitting there with the judge. In no way did anyone have to validate our coming together as a family but there is something FINAL about having that official sign off. Then as quick as that happens, it is over and something has changed and yet nothing has. But I know that Mae must feel there is no question left open in her mind: this is forever!

I remember driving up to the foster family’s house [for the first time] and seeing Mae peek around the stairs. She was dressed in her most fancy dress because as she told me later, “This was a very special day.” I stepped out and said hello. She walked over and melted into my arms, and I was done right there and haven’t looked back since. 

We drove home pretty late from Eugene on the day that Mae moved in with me. She walked into her room and I thought she was going to faint. I don’t think I slept much that first night because I couldn’t believe my daughter was REALLY REALLY home. Waking up that first morning was the most perfect start to a day I have ever had! That first weekend home we went with Nana to a horse show and Mae was able to get close and even sit on a family friend’s horse. Horses are her favorite animal so that was a pretty special first few days and experiences.

I can’t wait to start traveling with Mae, both near and far! The world is so very big and yet so very small at the same time. We can’t wait to start putting miles on the car and also get some stamps in the passports too!

Foster care adoption is so very important because there are many children who are simply waiting for a loving forever home. I have seen my daughter change so very much in the 10 months she has been with me. It is almost as though the real person has come out. Her skin, hair, light in her eyes, voice, personality and essence have come back. I look back at the pictures and I barely recognize her: she was a ghost of her real self. To open your heart to that – to help heal and provide love and stability to another person – what more is life about really? My life is rich and I have seen myself change for the better as well. We have come together as though we had been missing that piece of each other and now, finally, we have placed things as they should be. Love of choice, love at last!




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