Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children is an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family.  Their vision is a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care, "to give hope to the poorest children in the world-those who are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable-by enabling them to grow up within the love of a family and the sucruity of a home, so that they can fulfill their potential." To do this, Hope and Homes for Children strives to keep families together and avoid separation. They also aim to reunite children with families by closing institutions, where this is not possible they seek alternative family care arrangements such as adoption, fostering and small family homes.  

This model of deinstituionaliation has been recongnized by Unicef and World Health Organization as a benchmark program. Currently Hope and Homes for Children works in six countries: Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Rwanda, and Sudan. 

It is thrilling to read and comprehend the following article graciously shared with RainbowKids by Hope and Homes for Children as it proves their incredible commitment to children in the countries they serve truly does work.  Since 2009, to date, Hope and Homes for Children has played a vital role in closing 13 institutions for babies in Bulgaria!  

Please read and share the remarkable work of Hope and Homes for Children:


8 Institutions for Babies Close for Good in Bulgaria

11 September 15

Today, we are pleased to report that eight institutions for babies in Bulgaria are now officially closed for good, marking the completion of the first phase of the national project 'Direction Family', led by the Ministry of Health with technical support provided by Hope and Homes for Children.

Over 600 babies and young children have moved out of the institutions and into family environments where they can receive the love, care and protection they need to develop and thrive. Support services have also been set up to ensure these children and other vulnerable families are given the help that they need to stay together.

In 2009, when we first began working in Bulgaria, there were 32 institutions for babies – the highest level of institutionalised care for children in the EU.

Following the successful pilot closure of the Teteven Institution for Babies in 2010 – a place described by one of our staff as "a living hell" - the Government issued a Memorandum of Understanding and invited Hope and Homes for Children to assist in transforming the country's child protection system.

To date, Hope and Homes for Children have played a vital role in closing 13 institutions for babies in Bulgaria and will continue to support the Bulgarian Government in the delivery of the national strategy 'Vision for DI of the children in Bulgaria' which will lead to the eradication of institutional care for children under three.

There is no time to rest. We must keep up the momentum and make sure we close the remaining 19 institutions for babies in Bulgaria as soon as possible. At the same time, we need to keep up our support for local authorities and professionals on the ground to ensure that the new system functions to a high standard and that families continue to receive the help they need.563036_10150728467809435_1562928424_n

There are many ways you can become involved with Hope and Homes for Children. You can make a direct donation, fundraise, volunteer, or if you happen to be near London, England in October  participate in their annual triathlon!  You can contact Hope and Homes for Children for more information here.


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