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  Written by Julie Barclay on 09 Nov 2015

UPDATE: 2/12/2016 They have a family!  Thank you to all who have helped in their advocacy by sharing this story! 

So often we hear of these circumstances.

Children, a family, living in the loving embrace of a parent before tragedy strikes and suddenly they become true orphans. Recently such a story crossed my desk and I am compelled to do an urgent "all call" to our RainbowKids community to share with the hopes that a family will step forward to wrap their arms around these children who have experienced so much tragedy in their lives already.  

This family must stay together.   

Jeff, Brian, Jenifer and Liz  are four amazing siblings with one big wish, to stay together within  a forever family they can call their own. Prior to 2012 they lived in the loving care of their mom until her tragic death.  Currently the four live in an orphanage in an Eastern European country. 

Jeff, 15,  is the leader of his brother and twin sisters. He is calm, diligent, and patient. Jeff works hard at his schoolwork; he is a planner and excitedly plots the course for his schoolwork for the coming year. Jeff can be often found on the playground in his spare time. He loves to play sports, read books and play video games. Jeff's caregivers tell us that he is deeply devoted to his brother and sisters. And, while he may hesitate to show his emotions at first, Jeff opens up to those he trusts, asking for help when he needs it.

Brian,12, is a cheerful, extroverted boy who loves to talk! He has excellent communication skills and a rich vocabulary. Brian likes to play soccer and listen to music,and he can often be found in the library with his nose in a book. He is described as polite and honest. His caregivers describe him as "radiant", and other children are drawn to his outgoing personality.

Jenifer and Liz, 8,  are twins!  It goes without saying they are very attached to each other in fact they seek out each other in play and love to be together. Both girls are described as calm and well-adjusted. Both are in second grade. Jenifer prefers to play with dolls, and Liz has learned to read confidently. Jenifer is shy, while Liz enjoys being the center of attention. Both girls have a single priority -- to find a forever family with their brothers.

These four children have experience so much loss and tragedy already in their short lives.  It is crucial they stay together. They are family. We must find a warm and loving family to  help these precious children process their grief and move forward to flourish and grow, to have a life they deserve.  Could you be this family? If not PLEASE SHARE, spread the word, advocate for these children. 

Visit their profiles in our waiting child photolistings

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Contact: Email Agape Adoptions today or call 253-987-5804  to learn more about these incredible siblings. They have a lot of pictures to share with you!




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