He is Kind and Respectful and He is Aging Out.

He is Kind and Respectful and He is Aging Out.

We have another remarkable child whose time is running out and is at risk of aging out.  Just recently he was moved from a private orphanage to a public institution. Please consider helping us advocate by sharing. He is a kind, gentle soul and should not at fifteen years of age have to face the prospect of raising himself. 

This child has no special need, except that he is fifteen years old and a boy.  His medical records state that he is healthy. For those who have been around him he is described as shy, respectful and cooperative.  His respectfulness carries across the generations as he gets along with both children and adults alike. He enjoys writing and reading and in general loves going to school.  Away from school you'll find him kicking a soccer ball or playing any game with a ball, for that matter.  In his down time he can be found on a computer, reading, listening to music or watching movies.  

He dreams of becoming a soccer player but more than that he dreams of having a family.

Families who are interested can request a more comprehensive update. 

Parent qualifications include: 

  • Married couples and single applicants, age 25-55, may apply
  • Parents must be at least 20 years older than the child
  • Married for at least two years for first marriage.  At least 3 years for second marriage.
  • No more than 5 children prior to adoption
  • Families from all 50 states may apply

Travel will include one trip, approximately 2-3 weeks in length.

Families are eligible to apply for Dillon's Buidling Families Fund upon approval of the home study.  Both the child's age and needs as well as the family's income are considered.  The fund was created to help older children and children with special needs find loving, permanent families.  Grant amounts awarded range from $750-$3000.  

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