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He Has a Glow of Happiness, and He Needs a Family Today!

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  Written by Erin Heisler, Children's Home Staff on 16 Jan 2017

KC’s adoptive family is eligible for a child-specific grant of $3,000 (valid through 4/1/2017). Eligible families may qualify for a grant through LSS/CH and Brittany’s Hope Foundation.

The best way to learn about what makes a waiting child smile or laugh or turn their nose up in dislike is to spend time with that child. Advocacy opportunities like hosting or in-country advocacy trips are a perfect way to discover what makes the fine qualities of a waiting child stand out.  Our goal through the Hope Gallery is to bring a focused hope through advocacy articles about specific waiting children written by those who are spending that quality one-on-one time with a child whether it be through hosting or an advocacy trip.

This is KC's story. Please share it near and far. If now is not the right time for you it might be the perfect time for someone you know! 

“Sweet doesn’t begin to describe this little boy! shares Teresa, one of KC's advocates who recently “spent a week with this charmer” in our Connect for Kids program. “KC” turns 7 in January, and currently waits in China for an adoptive family.

Teresa says that her favorite memory of KC from the trip will simply be the glow of happiness that surrounds him.

This echos the reports from his caregivers that note that KC is an exceptionally happy child, who does not frustrate easily, is eager to absorb the world around him and is such a sweet boy.

He is also eager to share his joy. “During the week he sang songs for us, danced, and entertained us with his inquisitive and dear personality everywhere we went,” recounts Teresa, “He even saluted the security guards as we visited museums!” When not at Connect for Kids, he lives with a foster family and he always greets the family’s friends properly. They all adore him.

KC likes to keep clean. During one of the dumpling activities, he was very careful and precise but he did not like getting his hands dirty. Once again when the group went out for lunch, he tried to use straws as chopsticks to avoid having dirty hands.

When visiting the zoo, KC especially enjoyed seeing the fish—he thought they looked good to eat! Over the course of the week, “KC was talkative, curious, friendly and cooperative. He is very verbal and was excited to tell us all that he knows” says Teresa.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • All applicants must be at least 30 years old.
  • For heterosexual married couples, there can be no more than 50 years’ difference between the youngest parent and the child.
  • Single women are eligible and cannot have more than 45 years’ difference between themselves and the child.
  • Applicants cannot have serious physical or mental health concerns.
  • Eligibility requirements vary so please inquire to discuss individual circumstances and eligibility.

Learn More About KC

The volunteer who met KC just hosted a webinar to talk about him and the other children in Connect for Kids. You can watch the recording of the webinar now. You can also contact and reference 216-45 at any time to learn more about him.

Watch the recorded webinar to hear from volunteers who met KC

Financing Adoption

There are a number of resources available to families who would like to adopt but are concerned about financing. If you would like to learn more, we welcome you to inquire about the Adoption Support Fund and view our infographic of fundraising ideas.




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