For His Children-Ecuador

For His Children-Ecuador

When For His Children-Ecuador founders Melinda and Clark Vaughn moved their family from California to Ecuador in 1990, they envisioned a small ministry helping a limited number of children. For years the Vaughns, their two children and a small number of caretakers, Tías, did just that. They worked hand-in-hand sharing the laundry, kitchen and bathrooms but their ministry grew and the needs of the children grew. Clark was the repair man, sole fundraiser and tour guide for the small home and Melinda the caretaker, psychologist and director-fulfilling their mission from God to care for those children who needed to be cared for. In the past 25 years, FHC-Ecuador has served more than 850 children and families, expanding from one small home in Quito to three homes between Quito and Latacunga, Ecuador.

Currently, FHC provides care for over 70 children each year, from newborn to 20 years of age.  Approximately 35 percent of the children have significant special needs. Our Hope Home, or Casa Esperanza, was opened in 2014 and provides long-term care for children, teens and young adults with special needs. Some of the children in Casa Esperanza have aged out of the adoption process in Ecuador and will remain in the care of FHC indefinitely while others are available for adoption. FHC is grateful to able to provide children with regular classroom attendance and more specialized one-on-one needs. 

Ways to Help


For His Children offers several avenues for sponsorship.  

  • Child Sponsorship: For a suggested donation of $35 per month a sponsor will recieve a short biiography and photos of the child they are sponsoring. Updates on the child's development and ptorgress are sent to the sposor three times a year. To sponsor a child, click here
  • Caregiver "Tia" Sponsorship: The Tia program is a way to show appreciation and encouragement to the dedicated women who care for the children at FHC. Sponsors will recieve personal notes from Tias, news of their families, how they are doing with their work, prayer request they may have, as well a activities and events taking place at the homes in Ecuador. To make a donation to Tia Sponsorship, click here
  • Casa Esperanza (Hope Home):  Casa Esperanza exists as a ministry to offer love, caring and a dignified quality of life to children, adolescents and young adults with special needs. Many of the children at CE have either aged out of the Ecuadorian adoption program or are very likely to remain at FHC into adulthood due to the severity of their special needs.Casa Esperanza donors will receive an update on the children and young adults in Casa Esperanza once every four months. To make a donation to Casa Esperanza, click here.


FHC welcomes volunteers both young and old alike to work stateside or through an international volunteer opportunity in Ecuador.  To learn more, click here


Some of the children at FHC are available for adoption however only through approved agencies working in countries with valid contract to process adoptions in Ecuador.  To learn more about adopting a child through FHC, click here

The success of For His Children  would not be possible without the large number of long-term supporters who have helped grow their ministry and allow for so many children to be reached. These 500 yearly supporters serve in both Ecuador and the US by helping create the best possible homes for the most vulnerable children of Ecuador.

To become involved in this amazing organization visit their website or learn more by finding FHC on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Help make a difference in a child's life today! 


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