Five Ways That Families Afford Adoption

Five Ways That Families Afford Adoption

Money should never come between families and children who need loving, permanent homes. But, the cost of adoption can seem overwhelming. It's such a celebration when families are able to find a way to afford international adoption and prepare to bring their children home. Here are the top five ways that our families afford adoption.

    1. Planning and Budgeting is where many families get started in affording adoption. Not all fees are due at once, so for most families, the cost of adoption is spread out over several years. This gives families time to assess their financial situation and identify where their shortfall exists. The next step is to put together a budget to identify opportunities to put more money in savings. Then families can assess their strengths to see what other measures may help them be able to afford adoption.
    2. Adoption Grants can be a great way to afford adoption. The mailman regularly delivers grant checks for our families. Organizations like Show HopeJSC FoundationA Child Waits and many other non-profits provide funds to families wishing to grow their families through adoption. These organizations have a variety of requirements and rules that must be followed. But all start with a grant application. Follow these five tips for a successful adoption grant application when filling out yours.
    3. Employer Adoption Benefits are available from many enlightened employers. MLJ clients have received benefits from employers as diverse as Target Stores, Interactive Intelligence, and Aon Hewitt. The amount of the assistance, and the way in which the assistance is obtained, are specific to each company. However, a common adoption benefit assistance plan is to offer $3,000 – $5,000 in post-adoption assistance. The assistance is received after the adoption is complete by turning in the re-adoption documents. The Dave Thomas Foundation maintains this list of employers that provide adoption benefits.
    4. The Adoption Tax Credit is a boon to many families. It is important to understand how the adoption tax credit works. The adoption tax credit is no longer refundable and this means that not all families will be able to benefit from it. Be sure to consult a tax professional to see if your family can benefit from the tax credit.
    5. There are as many Adoption Fundraising ideas as there are families adopting. From Auctions to Garage Sales, any talent can be leveraged into a successful fundraiser. Often you will find that your family and friends are willing to pitch in, either by sharing their talent with you to aid in a fundraising effort or by directly donating towards your donation.

It may take time, creativity and some elbow grease, but families that have the ongoing resources to care for a child can make their adoption dream a reality.

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