Book Smarts: Human Characters Sharing Their Adoption Story

Book Smarts: Human Characters Sharing Their Adoption Story

This week's theme for adoption centered children's books is stories told through human characters.  Thank you again to Tamara at Adoption Mama Blog for your amazing list!

Weekly lists will be reposted to Facebook and we invite and encourage you to share some of your own favorite books based off the theme of that week. If your book isn't on the list, tell us, and we will add it! Also, If you are feeling adventurous and want to contribute to Rainbowkids, we will welcome book reviews of childrens books with an adoption theme submitted by our readers. Contact us for more details.

Next week's theme: International Adoption Stories 

Yes, I’m Adopted!

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families

Happy Adoption Day!

Born from the Heart

Discovering Me: A Journey Book About Adoption

All about Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel about It

My New Family: A First Look at Adoption (First Look at…Series)

Let’s Talk About It: Adoption (Mr. Rogers)

How I Was Adopted (Mulberry Books)

The Tummy Mummy

The Day We Met You (Aladdin Picture Books)

Gotcha Day: A Carried In My Heart Adoption Story for Children

ABC, Adoption & Me — a Multi-cultural Picture Book for Adoptive Families

Cassie Wonders: Adoption Questions asked by a 6 1/2 year old

Adoption Stories for Young Children

Once upon a Time: An Adoption Story

Adoption: We Were Meant to Be a Family

Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children

Children’s Book About Adoption: A Kids Picture Book About Adoption With Photos and Fun Facts

The Adoption of Boris

Why Was I Adopted? The Facts of Adoption With Love and Illustrations

Brown Like Me

Adoption Is…

My Sister Abby

We Wanted You (Single Titles)

Adopted Like Me: My Book of Adopted Heroes

Can I Tell You About Adoption?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals

Gotcha Day: A Celebration of Adoption

You’re Not My Real Mother!

The Red Blanket

Welcome Home Little Baby

What is Adoption? Helping non-adopted children understand adoption

Twice-Upon-A-Time: Born and Adopted

We See the Moon

Is That Your Sister?: A True Story of Adoption

Mommy Far, Mommy Near: An Adoption Story

Lucy’s Family Tree

My Family is Forever

“A” is for Adopted

The Sea Chest

Look Who’s Adopted!

The Best Family in the World

Chosen: An adoption story

She is not your real Mommy!

Orphan Outreach: Child Sponsorship Changes Lives

Child Sponsorship, Orphan Care, Family and Community Support, Volunteer Opportunities , Ways to Help
Wendy and the Lost Boys

Family Adoption Stories