Book Smarts: Animal Characters Sharing Their Adoption Story

Book Smarts: Animal Characters Sharing Their Adoption Story

There is a word,  bibliotherapy.  Don't let the "therapy" part of the word scare you away.  Quite simply, bibliotherapy is the use of content of books as a way to confirm and identify feelings, spark discussion,  discover coping skills and decide a constructive course of action.  In short it is the textbook definition of "getting lost in a book" because of its relatability to real life.  There are times a character in a book can reach a hurting or confused heart with more depth than a living breathing human being.  Case in point: Scout Finch, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, Miss Spider, Katniss, Romona.... 

Books can heal, books can celebrate and books can educate. 

With that being said, RainbowKids is thrilled to add a new dimension to our content.  Each Wednesday we will share a list of favorite adoption themed Children's Lit books.  

Weekly lists will be reposted to Facebook and we invite and encourage you to share some of your own favorite books based off the theme of that week.  If your book isn't on the list, tell us, and we will add it!  Also, If you are feeling adventurous and want to contribute to Rainbowkids, we will welcome book reviews of childrens books with an adoption theme submitted by our readers.   Contact us for more details. 

To kick this off, we are thrilled that Tamara at Adoption Mama Blog has graciously offered to share with our RainbowKids family some of her favorite titles centered around animal characters sharing their adoption story.  Thank you Tamara!

Each week we will  give you a heads up to the theme for the following week, just so you know what is coming up next. Here is next week's theme: Adoption Stories told through Human Characters

Animal Characters Sharing their Adoption Stories 

The Little Green Goose 
A Mom for Umande 
On the Night You Were Born
Rosie’s Family; An adoption story
A Mother for Choco (Paperstar) 
And Tango Makes Three
The Mulberry Bird: Story of an Adoption
Oliver: A Story About Adoption
Hopper The Lonely Frog: An Adoption Story For Children
That’s my mom
Horace (Reading Rainbow Book)
The Mulberry Bird: An Adoption Story
A Place in My Heart
My Adopted Child, There’s No One Like You (Birth Order Books)
Little Miss Spider
The Lamb-A-Roo
All Bears Need Love
Guji Guji
My Look-Like-Me Mommy
Wild About You! 


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