An Adoption Hoax Planted on the Backs of Vulnerable Children

An Adoption Hoax Planted on the Backs of Vulnerable Children

"Parenthood is just a swipe away."

Seriously? Parenthood...It's just a swipe away?

Hoax? Nope....App developers Ben Becker and Elliot Glass, creators of the fictitous app Pooper,  felt their next topic for a hoax, the crisis of children and teens trapped in foster-care, is fodder for their fame.

"I WANT TO BE NOTICED", so I will plant my feet on the backs of children who are hurting and launch myself!  That would look to be their motto, as any Google search will reveal.

And for a few days, some fell for their song and dance.

Today, February 5, 2017, there are news sites reporting that the "tinder for adoption" was just an art project.  

Ahh come on.  Let's be real.  A couple of jerks hoped to make some $ .

And they are obscene.

They collected a few thousand dollars, got caught, and then said, "hey, we are artists...just kidding".

And after  Kickstarter and Indiegogo shut down the "artists", Ben Becker and Elliot Glass, suddenly there were press releases of how they were creating awareness.

They posted as a startup, Adoptly, like Tinder, who would filter preferences (age, gender, ethnicity and distance) With a simple swipe left and right "prospective adoptive parents are then able to chat directly with children who match their preferences."

In this case, the manipulators created a real Kickstarter campaign for what is now a fake idea,” said Observer contributor Ryan Holiday, “This campaign—until it was deleted by Kickstarter—was collecting real dollars from real backers. The creators claim they weren’t going to keep the money, but that depends on whether we believe them now. Hoaxes like these are sobering and bewildering. They should make us question all the assumptions we take for granted when speaking to sources (that they are inherently honest, that things are always what they seem) and perhaps make us question how quickly we rush to report so early on projects, ideas, policies and products.”

The ultimate goal of any child welfare advocate is to seek a secure, safe, loving and permanent environment for a child coming from a vulnerable situation.

Unfortunately it isn’t a bullet train process.  It is essential that parents who are considering adding a child from foster care are prepared to the best of their ability to welcome a child who may come to them with childhood trauma including neglect and abuse.  Parenting classes, home studies, counseling, legal paperwork all add up to preparation time that is crucial to the ultimate goal of a smooth transition for a child joining a family.  

The biggest big red flag with this faulty concept Becker and Glass tried to pass off as reality is the availability to quickly connect prospective parents with children.

Even if this communication is under the supervision of a caseworker there is deep cause for concern for the child whose hopes are raised through these communications only to be told, sorry, we picked someone else from our list.   Yes, there could be the potential for an app like this to celebrate a match between child and family but what about the ones who don’t get matched? What about the ones who really think, “This is my time” only to be told “no” once again. Imagine the heartache for those children.

And it isn't shopping, like these out of touch and unqualifited men make it out to be.

A child isn't a commonditly.  Want to adopt? Research. I won't even end this article with a link....Adoption is how I entered my family. How 5 of our 8 children entered our family.

Advocacy for vulnerable children should continue to move forward along with the technical advancement of our world today; however, it is also important to keep in mind during this evolution that the core dignity, decency and respect for every child and the process should continue to be recognized.  

Considering adopting a child?  THERE IS A PROCESS.  

Welcome Home, Caroline!

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