Adoption at the Movies: Book Review

Adoption at the Movies: Book Review

Adoption at the Movies has been the go to for years as the resource for adoptive families that love to watch movies.  If you haven't already, find Adoption at the Movies on Facebook and "Like" it,  find  Adoption at the Movies online and bookmark it and now find Adoption at the Movies: A Year of Adoption-Friendly Movie Nights to Get Your Family Talking and order it! 

For several years now, Addison Cooper, a film reviewer and social worker in the adoption/foster care field has become a trusted resource for adoptive and foster families across the globe. Through Adoption at the Movies he has embraced the joy of cinema and transformed it into a way to empower both parents and children within the adoption and foster spectrum. 

Now, a compilation of thoughtful film reviews with an adoption theme laced within each one is available as a resource for parents who wish to use film as an open door to the sometimes tough discussion of their own child's story. 

With intentionally and guided discussions, movies like these can be more than just entertaining diversions. They can serve as easily accessed roads into previously hard-to-reach converations.

Sixty-three movies have been organized into four main categories: Disney Films, More Movies for Kids, Movies to Watch with Your Teen, and Movies for Parents.  Each movie's plot is well explained, strong points are highlighted, challenges discussed, recommendations are laid out for parents to consider (i.e. age appropriate, potential themes that may be emotionally difficult) and finally a bullet point list of questions is provided to open the door to deeper discussion based on the child's own personal adoption story. 

Adoption at the Movies smartly completes this vital adoption/foster resource by indexing the films by discussion topics including Feeling Abandoned, Absent Parents, Abuse Experience, Adoptive Family as Normal Life, Birth Parent and Birth Family, Secrets plus several more. 

Beyond providing film reviews, Cooper uses his years of knowledge in the field of adoption and foster social work to "Set the Scene" in the first four chapters, a perfect segue into discussing the importance of proactive parents and the need to create a space for their children to be invited into healthy, open and non-defensive conversations about adoption through the aid of film. 

Adoption at the Movies is a highly recommended resource for any parent, guardian or educator who spends quality time with children who have adoption/foster as part of their narrative. 

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Adoption at the Movies: A Year of Adoption-Friendly Movie Nights to Get Your Family Talking

Jessica Kingsley Publisher, 2017, ISBN:978-1-785927096, 288 pages

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