Adopting Sweet Reagan

Adopting Sweet Reagan

Raegan is our little love bug!!!

She has come a long way in the almost 16 months she has been home. She is completely attached to both her daddy and I, although, she loves all people in general.

When we first met Rae in China, she did not know how to laugh. She now smiles and laughs a lot. Since being home she has not only learned to walk but she is now working on navigating stairs independently and jumping.

Our entire family loves everything about her! Her daddy and big brothers play hide and seek and it always seems to end in a chase.  She likes to Whip and Nae Nae and Hokey Pokey with her big sister. Music is one of her main loves and she signs for me to sing to her all the time. Rae is not speaking much yet, but she is learning sign language very quickly.

She is so independent in all things and is a really great problem solver, however we have learned this is not always a great thing! As said before, she is our love bug; but, is we also refer to her as our tiny terror at times. She is able to figure out everything including locks and door knobs. We have to watch her like a hawk. It has been an adjustment for us, but one we have happily accepted.

All of Rae's successes, accomplishments, and growth over shadow any struggles we have encountered in this journey. There has never once been a regret over our decision to adopt a child with Down Syndrome.

Raegan is so much more than that, she is our pride and joy!   

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