5 Reasons to Adopt From Bulgaria

5 Reasons to Adopt From Bulgaria

If you are looking to grow your family through international adoption, adopting from Bulgaria could be a great fit. As this program continues to grow, more and more children's files are coming in each month and the opportunity to place these children in loving forever families is increasing with every passing day.

Below are five reasons your family may want to consider beginning your Bulgaria adoption journey.

1. Traditional and Waiting Child Programs: Bulgaria has both a Traditional Adoption program, and a Waiting Child track.  Families that are waiting for a referral in the traditional adoption program are able to look at the waiting children however there is the option  to switch to the Waiting Child program if that is where they find their child.

2. Get Matched Quickly: Prospective adoptive parents in the Waiting Child program play a role in the matching process, meaning you can submit your request to be matched as soon as you find your child.

3. Siblings:  Your family can be matched with a sibling group of two or more.  While this is more common in the Waiting Child program, it is a possibility in the Traditional program as well depending on the age range that you're open to.  

4. Healthy Older Children: Children of all ages with varying degrees of needs are available for adoption in Bulgaria, however, occasionally the only reason that a child is considered a "Waiting Child" is because they are older.

5. Younger Children: 
While younger healthy children are available through the Traditional program, there are younger Waiting Children with special needs ranging anywhere from very minor to more moderate or severe. For families that are comfortable with parenting a child with special needs, this is a great alternative which offers a shorter wait time.

If your family is interested in learning more about either our Bulgaria Traditional Adoption program or our Waiting Child program, please contact our CAN Matching Specialist or join our Facebook group today.

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